Featured December 1, 2017

Name: Pat Eaton

Current Profession/ Job Title: Career Services Program Coordinator

Current Place of Residence (City or Borough): Queens, NY

Hometown or Place of Origin (prior to Rutgers): Edison, NJ

Class Year: 2001

Campus Affiliation: New Brunswick

Rutgers School or College Affiliation(s): Rutgers College

Rutgers Degree(s)/Major(s): Mathematics

Favorite Place to eat on campus: Stuff Yer Face

Give us one word to describe your Rutgers experience?: top-notch

What is one thing you learned at Rutgers that has helped prepare you post-graduation professionally or personally?: One interesting thing is that I took some electives outside of my major like geographic information systems and statistics that ended up being really helpful down the road in my career. You never know where you’ll end up one day, but often its in a different field than you originally expected. I’m grateful that Rutgers offered so many interesting electives for us to explore areas outside of our majors.

What is a part of your identity that you discovered while at RU (passion for something, political beliefs, etc)?: My passion for public service, especially sustainability issues.

How has your Rutgers education or network help get you where you are today?: I feel like the coursework at Rutgers was very challenging and equipped me with a strong quantitative background at a fraction of the cost of most other schools. As a career services professional, I always stress the importance of networking to students, and Rutgers has an incredible network of talented alums doing amazing things in the world.

If you could share one piece of advice with a current freshman, what would it be?: Study hard, but also don’t pass up chances to get to know people in your dorm, classes, work-study jobs, etc. Some of the friends you make at Rutgers will become your best friends for life!

Final thoughts or reflections?: Don’t try to drink a fishbowl on an empty stomach.