Featured December 15, 2017

Name: Richard Dzioba

Current Profession/ Job Title: Director of Licensing

Current Place of Residence (City or Borough): Lincroft, NJ

Hometown or Place of Origin (prior to Rutgers): Edison, NJ

Class Year: 2009

Campus Affiliation: New Brunswick

Rutgers School or College Affiliation(s): SCILS

Rutgers Degree(s)/Major(s): MCIS – Master of Communication and Information Studies; B.A. – Communication and Psychology

Favorite Place to eat on campus: Stuff Yer Face

Give us one word to describe your Rutgers experience?: Complete.

What is one thing you learned at Rutgers that has helped prepare you post-graduation professionally or personally?: Research! I learned how to ask the right questions in and out of the classroom and do the appropriate research needed to be prepared for all outcomes in any scenario. If you’re prepared, you’ll win.

What is a part of your identity that you discovered while at RU (passion for something, political beliefs, etc)?: I’m stronger than I think I am. I had to break out of my comfort zone many times while at RU. There were times I thought I would never make it out alive, yet I always prevailed.

How has your Rutgers education or network help get you where you are today?: My RU network is invaluable. Both peers and mentors have helped land me positions that I could not have done on my own. An introduction to a recruiter from a friend, a letter of recommendation from an instructor…these types of intangible assets are among the most precious as it relates to ones career. Having a wide network lets me have piece if mind knowing there are those who are willing to help when needed. I also take great pride in giving back these favors for others within the RU network as well.

If you could share one piece of advice with a current freshman, what would it be?: Make use of all hours of your day. Deduct your 8 hours of sleep and map out how you can best make use of the rest of your waking hours to accomplish the many tasks that will be put in front of you. There’s enough hours in the day if you stay focused and plan out how to make the best of them.

Final thoughts or reflections?: Never forget to have fun.